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Enjoy the intensive teaching in the relaxed atmosphere of a modern studio.  Learn the timeless skills of the potter and fire pots by the magic of burning wood to 1300 deg C, deep in the Somerset countryside.

This site deals mostly with the teaching side of our endeavours and with the production of our pots

I established the pottery in Queen Camel, Somerset, in 1977, with the aim firstly of making beautiful and useful pots of all kinds and sizes and secondly to continue with the international summer school I had started in Devon. In partnership with Jennie and with the help of many assistants, this quickly became a reality.

From the ground up!
We dig our own clay; our glazes are made from local materials, and we wood-fire our finished stoneware pottery. We are devoted to making good, useable pots, delighting in the timeless skill of working in clay and promoting the fulfilling life of creating with hand, eye and the earth's materials.

Summer School
Join us for an intensive and enjoyable pottery course in this beautiful corner of the world.
Each week is a complete making cycle, culminating in a wood firing or, sometimes, two. Alternatively, participate in a weekend pottery workshop, or if you are local to Somerset become one of Jennie's pottery students.

For 2016 the pottery will be open to students on dates during June, July and August for the week long pottery courses.

Weekend Workshops
There are a number of weekend pottery workshops held here through out the year.

Jennie's Classes
Click on Jennie's Weekly Pottery Classes link to view information regarding 2015 /2016 She has one place free on Tueday evenings!

Somerset is a beautiful and varied county, from seashore, through the levels, to the Mendips and Exmoor with stone built villages, castles and open country. Students stay in private homes and farmhouses in or near our delightful village of Queen Camel, supposed site of King Arthur's last battle.

Contact us
For more details and availability of places; Contact us: online form or phone:+44 (0)1935 850 753

Matt Waite

A noteable  Wiltshire potter.

has an up coming exibition in Bath


Do check it out.


26 - 31cm wide

Side view of Dora

Pots from recent kiln

This video on Dorset potter Jonathan Garratt is well worth a look.

Douglas on youtube.

Douglas throwing

Solar kiln reflected in the mirrow that heats it

Solar kiln reflected in the mirrors that powers it

How is this for a pyromainiacs dream!?


a bit of music played on my udu